Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Fantasy Love Affair

This is an amazing love story of two lovers finding each other over the net.

Rhonda was busy chatting on the net flirting and joking as usual with a few friends in a chat program called Pal-talk.

Out of the blue a guy introduces himself,

“Hi I’m Terence from Tasmania, would you like to chat with me for a while.” He asked politely.

“Sure, what would you like to talk about.” Rhonda said to him.

“Tell me a little about yourself, your age, where you live, what you like to do for fun, and anything else that fancies you.” Terence said.

Well, I’m from Sydney Australia, I am 5’2”. Short curly Blond hair, Blue eyes and I have nice full breasts, I have 5 children, a dog named Oscar and a cat called Tom, hahahahaha. And one more thing I like to flirt and I like to sing, Your turn now.” She said laughing.

Terry loved the sound of her voice and liked very much what she told him. “Hmmm let me see. I am 5’4” with dark hair and dark matching eyes, a very masculine body, you know what I mean.” Terence said describing himself to Rhonda.

“Do you have a picture.” Rhonda asked.

“No, but I do have something better, I have a web cam, do you have one, a web cam I mean.” He asked.

Rhonda put her cam on, and Terence done the same, “Hi Terence.” Rhonda.” said waving. “Hello Rhonda.” Terence said dumb struck, liking not only the sound of her voice, but also what he saw.

“Hmmm. So good to see you baby, what size are your breasts.” He asked her with a wink.

“Well like I said I have nice full round breasts.” Rhonda.” said teasingly as she played with them.

“Hmmmmm, very, very nice.” Terence said

Every night they would meet around eight o’clock sharp, in the same chat room, over the months they got to know each other very well, and learned their likes and dislikes.

“Rhonda.” do you like sex?” Terence asked.

“ But of course.” She said winking at him.

“Tell me princess, do you have any wild fantasies.” He asked her enthusiastically.

“I have many fantasies Terence, I would love to make love in a field beneath a tree, and would love to make love on the bonnet of your car, god that would be heaven.” Rhonda.” said with a big smile.

“We must meet, I want to make love to you so bad.” He said.

“Won’t that be impossible Terence, you live so far away, but the thought is wonderful I must say.” She told him.

“Oh baby, so many things I would love to do with you, wish I could hold you and kiss your sweet lips right now.” He says to her.

“Your such a romantic.” Rhonda.” said smiling.

“Rhonda.” my sweet do you like me enough to want to meet me one day.” Terence said.

“Hmmm I will think about that.” She replied.

“I bet you have a really nice ass too. Tell me princess, what size breasts do you have.” Terence sung out.

“I have a womanly figure with full size breasts that really makes the men look and lust over.” she told him laughing.

“God I would really love to meet you, it would be so wonderful, I think about you all the time, I think of what it would be like to hold you in my arms, Undressing you slowly, and wonder what it would be like making love to you.” Terence said to her.

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And continued flirting till very late.

The next night Terence again entered the chat room with Rhonda.”

“Rhonda.” darling, I have made a few arrangements, I will be arriving at Sydney airport day after tomorrow on Friday at 11 am, please tell me you will be there to pick me up.” He tells her.

Oh Terry, it’s so soon, Oh God, yes ,yes I’ll be there. How long will you be staying?” She asked him.

“For as long as you will have me, how about a week or two. How does that sound to you.” he said.

“Oh god I can’t wait to finally meet you face to face. I’m so glad you will come, I was praying you would say yes. Tell me love, what will you wear for me, something hot and sexy?” Terry said very excited.

“I will surprise you baby.” Rhonda.” told him.

That same night Rhonda.” packed her bag with enough clothing to last her a week.

Friday morning came quick Rhonda.” showered, manicured her nails done her hair to perfection and slipped on her nice little black and red outfit and her black pump up shoes, which made her curves and breasts show nicely in place.

Rhonda.” had made arrangements, to be away for a whole week. She told her family she needed to take care of her very sick aunt.”

Rhonda.” reached the airport at 10.30 am. Gracefully she walked to the arrival gate of the Tasmania Sydney flight and sat down to wait for the plane to arrive, wondering anxiously how he would really be in person. The plane pulled in, Rhonda.” watched the passengers carefully as they walked through the gate, when she saw him. Terence looked very handsome wearing casual jeans and a nice denim top to match

“Terence.” Rhonda.” called out. “Oh darling, It’s so good to see you.” He said pulling her to him, kissing her mouth.

“You look stunning baby, come my sweetness, I have a couple bags to pick up and then we can head to anywhere you take me.”

Terence said as he winked at Rhonda.” Tarence couldn’t help but keep looking at his lady by his side.

Rhonda.” was a little nervous walking back to her car in the parking lot. Terence looked quite handsome, his beautiful dark eyes were sparkling bright, with a well build body, and a nice ass as well, she must admit, she liked very much what she saw.

Reaching the car Rhonda.” opened the boot and Terence placed his luggage inside, Terence opened one of the bags and pulled out a neat little package for Rhonda.” “Here love I bought you a gift, I do hope you will enjoy it and think of me when you use it.” He told her giving her the parcel and a kiss.

“Thank you Terence, you shouldn’t have.” Rhonda.” said taking the package. Hmmm I wonder what it is she thought, maybe I should open it right now, Rhonda.” started peeling the paper from around the box, opening one end Rhonda.” was surprised to read sex toys.

“I do hope you like what I brought you.” Terence said pulling her to his chest.

“Awww, I’ve never used one of these things before.” She said to him feeling her face go red opening up the package completely.

“We better go.” Rhonda.” said placing the box in her bag.

“Hope you don’t mind me taking the liberty of buying that for you.” Terence said with a smile.

No, not at all, it’s only, it never occurred to me to buy one.

She said looking over at Terence as he was examining her up and down.

“You are a beautiful lady Rhonda, you have captured my heart and my soul.” He told her, kissing her hand.

“I have picked a nice park, hardly no-one around this time of day, we will go there and have a picnic.” She told him, smiling.

“That sounds wonderful.” Terence said remembering what Rhonda had told him about her fantasy.

Arriving at the park Terence turned to Rhonda, pulling her in his arms kissing her passionately in the mouth, Rhonda responded kissing him deeply with tongues in each other’s mouths and they’re body so very tightly close together.

“Wow, what a kiss.” Terence said getting out of the car.

This place looks just lovely, just like you Rhonda, you are one gorgeous woman.” He said looking at her.

Smiling Rhonda reached to the back seat and grabbed the blanket and passed it over to Terence. “Let me also take the basket he said touching her hands gently.

Finding the perfect tree, Terence laid the blanked on the ground, and pulled Rhonda tight to him, pressing his body with hers.

Rhonda could feel his hardness pressing on her body. Rhonda let out a light moan as Terry gently coaxed her to lie on the blanket.

“God your beautiful Rhonda, I love looking in your bright blue eyes he said as his hands began to remove her top, Rhonda lifted her arms gracefully allowing terry to lift off her top.

Rhonda’s breasts looked magnificent in her red bra.

Terence leaned over and began kissing her cleavage, lifting her to undo the hooks removing the bra allowing her ample breasts to fall nicely.

“Hmmm gorgeous he said holding them in his hands and taking them to his mouth one by one. Terence began sucking them like a hungry baby.“ Oh god that feels good Rhonda said as she caressed his head running her fingers through his hair.

Terence gently slipped his hand between her thighs, feeling her wetness he gently dipped his fingers in her wet pussy and taking

them to his mouth sucked on them. “Hmmm, baby you taste so good he whispered to her ear.” Rhonda had never had a man do that to her before, excitement chills ran up and down her spine.

“Rhonda darling, I have so many times wondered how it would be like making love to you.” He said as he gently started pulling her panties down. Rhonda began to moan and whimper, lifting her self, so he could remove them easy both skirt and panties.

“I love the feel of your skin under my hands.” He told her, as he continued exploring every curve in her body.

Rhonda’s hands reached out to undo his jeans, Terence looking at her removing his jeans throwing them aside, revealing a very hard cock and heavy balls.

“Wow Terence.” Rhonda gasped as he gently opened her legs wider. Lowering himself on her longing wet pussy. Kissing her mouth tenderly Terence slid his cock in Rhonda’s love nest reaching all the way home, thrusting deeper and deeper each time.

“Oh god. Hmmm. oh baby. Hmmmmmmm.” Rhonda gasped, as she kept bucking up her hips allowing him deeper penetration, wrapping her legs around him, and tightly milking his cock till they both exploded in ecstasies. They lay helplessly exhausted in each other’s arms for a while.

”Oh god I have never cum so much.” Terry said looking at Rhonda.

Rhonda smiled with a satisfied look on her face.

“Come my love, let’s bless your car.” He said pulling Rhonda up. Now lean over the bonnet, and open your legs for me he said as he gently widen her legs a little more,

Terence cock was glistening with the precum dripping from his cock, he gently slid his cock up and down between Rhonda’s ass

cheeks. Rhonda let out a moan as he sensually touched her asshole with his cock Rhonda responded pushing back.

Terry gently slid his cock inside Rhonda’s pussy and placed his hands around her hips and began fucking her deeper and faster each time. “Cum for me princess, come for me.” He repeated.

Ohhhhh.. ohhhhhhh… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

They both exploded.

“Oh God I never imagined it would be like this.” Rhonda said. “Neither did I baby, I’ve never experienced this before my love.” Terence said.

They both went to lay back on the blanket and had a smoke.

“Oh Rhonda just as I thought it would be. I want more Rhonda, God only knows how much I love you.” He said smiling.

They talked and laughed as they got dressed.

“Let’s go to our hotel room, here’s the address.” He told her, handing her the paper.

Arriving at the hotel Terence threw the entire luggage on the floor and in a swift, picked Rhonda in his arms and laid her on the bed.

Let me undress you my love, I need to explore you. I want to explore all your womanly beauty. He said removing her clothes.

Rhonda started to remove Terence’s shirt. Gently rubbing her hand all over his hairy chest, she licked his nipples.

“Oh God, I love the way you’re making me feel.” Terence said letting out a soft moan.

Terry removed all of Rhonda’s clothes, and gazed at her while she

undid his trousers, pulling them off she threw them on the floor, and began caressing his cock and balls, lifting them and weighing them in her hands.

“Hmmm. I love that, do you love me Rhonda? tell me you love me as much as I love you.” He said moaning responding to her gentle caresses”

Pulling the blankets down on the bed, Terence began kissing her body all over. “Turn over for me, get on your knees!” He told her, as he gently turned her over kissing her neck.

“Let me take you from behind baby.” he whispered to her ear. Terence gently rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks, up and down and then gently rubbed his cock on her ass hole. Rhonda gasped and clinched as she felt her anus touched with his cock.

“No Terry no.” She said trying to get away from him.

“Shhhhhhh.” he said sliding his cock in her wet pussy and reaching his arms around her breasts.

Terence began pumping in her wet pussy.

Ohhhhhhhh…. ohhhhhhhhhh…. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm exploding like a volcano

They both lay on the bed and relaxed for a while.

“I do hope you can stay with me for a few days.” He said to her.

“I can stay for a week.” Rhonda said with a smile.

“Oh Yes baby just perfect.” He said smiling.

Rhonda sat on the bed lifting the sheet to cover her boobs slightly.

“Have you ever tried anal.” Terence said as he gently teases her ass. With a moisten finger. “Oh no.” She said a little embarrassed.

“I would love to try it with you.” Terence said biting his lips, feeling a little awkward about asking her.

“Let’s try your new vibrator baby, let me show you something.” Terry said. Rhonda went to her bag and took the new vibrator he had given her.

“have you seen one of these before, feel how it vibrates, see how it looks like the real thing. Try it baby” He told her.

Rhonda turned it on and felt the vibration on her hand as she rubbed it over her hand. Not sure how to use it she looks at Terry,

“Here baby let me show you, come sit on the side of the bed and open your legs fairly wide.” He tells her as he sits on the floor right in front of her. Terence gently rubs the vibrator on her clit running it up and down on her slit making her much wetter and slowly slides it in and out in her wet cunt

“Oh God…I love the feel of this.” she told him, getting more aroused by the minute. Terence gently turns her on her tummy and gently slips one hand in her pussy and starts fingering her ass, probing it a little deeper each time, Rhonda starts responding by pushing back to his probing finger and starts moaning uncontrollably. Terry slowly removes his finger from her ass and replaces it with the vibrator.

Gently sliding an inch in and out a few times stretching her ass hole a little more each time.

“Oh god that hurts Hmmmmm.” Rhonda cries out.

“Relax baby, allow yourself to take it all in.” Terence tells her as he gently teases her pussy and clit.

“hmmmmmmmm… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh baby hmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Cathy cums all over his hand.

Terence takes his hand to his mouth licking it clean.

Hmmmm Baby you taste so good he tells her.

Terence quickly replaces the vibrator with his cock gently easing it in and out all the way as his hands go around Rhonda’s breasts.

Oh baby…. Ohhhhhh…. baby… hmmmm…. hmmmmmmmmm.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Terence shoots his hot cum in her ass pumping hard and deep.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh baby….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm They both cum together in a gush.

“Are you alright my princess.” Terence asks her.

“I’m just out of breath baby, I never knew the pleasure of anal sex, I really thought it was going to hurt bad.” Rhonda said with a smile.

“Oh God this was unbelievable baby, I never knew it would be so good.” He said holding her tight in his arms.

“I want you Rhonda, I want you forever, I need to have you in my life, even if it means spending time together occasionally.” He said with a soft smile and a tear in his eye.

Rhonda agreed with him and kissed his mouth, sitting herself in front of him she took his cock in her hand and began stroking it.

“Suck my cock baby, taste my wines that run for you.” He told her.

Rhonda pleased Terence and herself as well.

This has been a perfect day my love… Let’s shower and finish it off with a perfect dinner as well.” He tells her.